“I enjoyed walking around the lake, picking raspberries and looking at funny ducks.”

– Aranka, Holland

In a walking distance from The Funky Forest you will find a lot of unique nature spots.


– The birch and beech forest, which surrounds the Lake of Langaa, where the pheasants gather in large flocks.

– Untouched forest areas with heaps of wild blackberries and a big variety of birds and animals.

– The old oak forest by The Gudenaa River – a “must see” for all nature lovers.

– The are along the Gudenaa River – every angler’s paradise. You can catch both fresh salmon and trout.

–  Canoe or kayak trips along the Gudenaa River.

– Bike trips.

– Ice scating on the lake and tobogganing down the hills.




Would you like to experience more of Jutland, the possibilities are endless.


Our guests love:

– The indoor Rainforest in Randers

– Mønsted Kalkgruber

– Viborg Water

– The old town in Aarhus


– Ree Park

– Djurs Sommerland

– Helgenæs

– Aalborg Zoo

– Mariager Saltcenter

– Gl. Estrup

– Moesgaard Museum